How NOT To Miss God Moving

We all long for God to move in our lives, but are you ready to see it when it happens? The Bible is filled with stories of those who saw God moving an…

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Load Bearing Truths

This is a flexible series that unpacks key truths of the Christian faith, from “why did God make us?” to “what is heaven going to be like?”  Each sess…

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Follow The Signs – Hearing God in the Crowd

Based on his popular book, The Voice: Hearing God In The Crowd, this multi-session series looks at the ways God speaks today and what we need to do to…

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Come See, Come Kneel, Come Dance

Drawn from select portions of the Gospel of Luke, this 3 or 4 session series explores the disciples’ growing realization of who Jesus is…and the radic…

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Freedom From – Freedom For

Jesus died to set us free from death and darkness, but also to set us free for a life of purpose and passion. This 4-session series explores each of …

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The Word

Part apologetics and part spiritual growth, this multi-session series helps Christians understand what the Bible is, how we got it and how we can best…

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Originally developed as part of a training series for South American pastors, this is an exposition of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.  If you…

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All the King’s Men


Very popular for men’s retreats, this series explore 3 key Christian foundations:  what it means to be made in the Image of God, what it…

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