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Craig is the lead pastor of Mission Hills Church in Denver, Colorado. He is a respected Christian teacher, leader and author who is passionate about helping Christians become more like Jesus and join Him in His mission to the world. For more info about Craig, click here.

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  • The Role of Emotions In Leadership
    Let’s talk about the role of your emotions in your leadership. In my experience, this isn’t something we talk about much as leaders, and when we do, it seems like we often go to extremes: we either talk about trusting our emotions (“trust your instinct”, “trust your gut”, etc.) or trashing them (“what would Spock…
  • COVID’s Greatest Blessing
    Listen, I know the title of this post might sound calloused, like I’m just glossing over the devastation and death cased by COVID-19. Believe me, I’m not. My dad died because of COVID. There were complicating factors, but in the end, it was really COVID that took his life. I miss him every day, so…
  • The War OF Christmas
    It was no silent night There was a war cry A shot in the dark at the heart of the dark It was a war cry The gates of hell are trembling ‘Cause they heard the war cry A volley of light that shattered the night It was a war cry
  • The Biblical Ethics of Vaccine Development
    I hesitate to say anything about this because it’s so polarizing and, to be honest, I don’t want to give advice on something I realize I could be wrong about. But people keep sending me articles and posts from other Christians who are adamant that Christians can’t receive the COVID-19 vaccines because they were developed…
  • The Mark of the Beast and the COVID-19 Vaccine
    [Download a PDF of this article here.] Let me just be clear about a few things right up front so you can decide if you want to keep reading: If you’re looking for sensationalistic fear-mongering, you’re going to be disappointed here. Spoiler alert: the COVID-19 vaccine is not the “mark of the beast” from the…