Hi there!  My name is Craig Smith and, above all else, I’m passionate about unleashing Christians to live Kingdom-driven lives.  

There are several ways you can plug into what God has enabled me to do for His glory and His people’s good:

  • Blogs
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  • Speaking

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Stranger In a Strange Land

I recently became the pastor of a mega-church in Denver, Colorado, after years of serving happily in much smaller churches.  This is my public journal of the transition and what God is teaching me about leadership in a large church.

Ministry Thoughts

If you’re looking for polished leadership advice, sorry…this isn’t going to scratch that itch.  This is a repository of things I’m thinking about/wrestling with in the area of Christian ministry.  You’ll find lots of recommendations of books worth reading and podcasts worth listening to.


Messages – Video

Video versions of my recent messages at Mission Hills Church.

Messages – Audio

Audio versions of my recent messages at Mission Hills Church.

Biblical Preaching

(coming soon)

I’ve written a couple of books over the years that I think you might find helpful as you seek to live a Kingdom-driven life:

How (Not) to Miss God Moving

The Word:  Understanding and Trusting the Bible in an Age of Skepticism

The Kingdom for the Kingless


I don’t have much time these days for speaking, but if you have an event coming up that you’d like to invite me to, please let me know the details here and I’ll see what I might be able to work out. Thanks for thinking of me!