It’s a simple reality that we can easily forget: those places we are most comfortable are precisely the places we’re most likely to be disobedient.

  • Am I comfortable in my marriage because things are going pretty good? I’m probably not listening for God to tell me how to love my spouse better.
  • Am I comfortable in my relationship with my kids because they’re not acting out? I’m probably not looking for new ways to build them up.
  • Am I comfortable in my career because I’m getting a good paycheck and things seem secure? I’m probably not asking God if he wants me to quit and…??
  • Am I comfortable in my house, my car, my clothes? I’m probably not wondering if God wants me to leave it all behind.
  • Am I comfortable with the ways I’m serving God? I’m probably not looking for new ways to bring Him glory.

Being comfortable isn’t bad…it’s just dangerous.  Because being comfortable has tremendous power to take the edge off our hunger for more. And God always has more.  Remember that Jesus said “I have come that they may have life and have it to the max” (ok, my translation, but I stand by it). If your life isn’t full up with God’s presence, power and purpose, then you’re not there yet. And it is precisely those areas where we are most comfortable that we stop looking for the more that God has in store for us.

Which is why comfort must always be viewed with suspicion.

Here’s a dangerous prayer if you have the courage to pray it:  “God show me where I’m too comfortable today.”