Note:  Shepherd Project does not endorse the worldview or assumptions present in the following resources.  They are presented here because the evidence they refer to supports the historical reliability of the Genesis account of the Flood.  The fact that these predominantly secular – and in some cases even anti-Christian – organizations acknowledge this evidence is strong support for the accuracy of the Bible’s Flood story.  However, the presentation of these resources here does not constitute an endorsement of all their interpretations of the evidence or the presuppositions which have so strongly influenced those interpretations:

Demythologising the Historical ‘Conflict’ between Geology and   Science Video lecture. Fascinating materials put out by Faraday   Institute.
Making Sense of Genesis 1-11 Video   lecture
Yes, Noah’s Flood May Have Happened, But Not Over The Whole   Earth Excellent   source. NCSE staunchly promotes Evolution/Climate Science. Anti-Creationist   advocates. Article has interesting figures, and references
The Flood: Mesopotamian Archaeological Evidence  
Noah’s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event   That Changed History’s%20flood&f=falseWatershed   book by Ryan and Pitman. Google Books excerpt.
Review of Noah’s Flood, by Ryan and PitmanBrief   review
Noah’s Flood/Black Sea Expedition Simple   intro into the Black Sea Deluge theories by Ballard, Ryan and Pitman. Resources and Links tab is useful.
Ballard Finds Traces of Ancient   Habitation Beneath Black Sea  
The Truth Behind Noah’s FloodTouches   on Ballard’s archaeological findings.
Geologists Link Black Sea Deluge   To Farming’s RiseDecent   article
Plumbing Black Sea for Proof of   Deluge 
Biblical-Type Floods Are Real,   and They’re Absolutely EnormousAnti-Creationist   advocates.
Cataclysmic Flood Could Have   Formed the Mediterranean Sea in Mere Months 
Did a Comet Cause the Great   Flood?Interpretation   of geological data theorizing comet-instigated deluge
Was the Story of Noah’s Ark   True?General   article on Ballard
Black Sea Interdisciplinary   Research CollaboratoryTechnical   studies to examine the Black Sea deluge argument more thoroughly. Resources tab is useful.
The Flood MythAnthropological   evidence of flood myths. Google books excerpt.
The Biblical Flood: A Case Study   of the Church’s Response to Extrabiblical EvidenceBook.   This would be a valuable resource.
The World’s Largest Floods, Past   and PresentEvidence   of early, large-scale floods. Second hyperlinked report.
Christian Geologists on Noah’s   FloodWell-written   article, representing Creationism not bound to 6-day creationism/literal   interpretation
How Should We Interpret the Genesis Flood Account?Interpretational   insights into a possible local flood, rather than literal-interpretation
Genesis vs. GeologyCounterpoint   to Creationist argument, by notable scientist Stephen Jay Gould
The Bible is Not Fiction’Blaze   article discussing Aronofsky’s Noah in relation to Ray Comfort’s Noah   and the Last Days
Upcoming Blockbuster Noah: Does   the Tale Hold Water?Relevant   article
What Kind of Peer-Review Would   Jesus WantProvocative   title. Interesting read.